What type of Printing do we offer?

We offer gang run, indigo, and wide format printing. Gang run prints several jobs on one sheet then cuts them to size. This enables us to be more efficient and pass savings on to you for a more economical product. The indigo machine is utilized for smaller and more critical color matching orders, such as head shots. The wide format printer is for banners and billboard printing.

Important info about Printing?

Each printing process produces a different product and will be used per your requirements and needs. Each process produces a different quality print, has a different turnaround time, and varies in pricing

What Printing costs?

The smaller your order the more expensive it is to print each unit. Larger quantities are usually done on the gang run machine and drive your cost down. Business cards can range from $29 to $185 depending on the details you require on your card. Most Flyers range from $65 to $275 depending on the quantity ordered and your required turnaround time.